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Naz Consulting International in partnership with The Nihka Technology Group offers Digital Risk and Cyber Security Solutions.

A strategic partner helping companies leverage trusted AI tools to optimize productivity & marketing

Welcome To Naz Consulting International

As the business landscape is rapidly evolving, it’s crucial to have a partner who can navigate the nuances of trusted AI tools to tailor solutions that maximize productivity and impact marketing and communications.

Our business is leading change in this digital landscape by redefining the business model of the future. Welcome to our team of BOTs ‘Business Optimization Technologists’ who specialize in integrating the power of trusted AI tools to optimize productivity and revolutionize marketing efforts.

What The BOT?

As BOTs, we use technology and strategic marketing to enhance businesses. While we’re technology-driven, we also collaborate creatively to merge communication, tech and data insights, fostering engaging audience connections. Our goal is to reshape marketing possibilities and establish new benchmarks where technology and communication meet.

NCI’s BOT team comprises of experts who specialize in the fusion of AI tools and strategic marketing to reshape business operations and communications. We embody the perfect blend of innovation, strategy, and technology to deliver exceptional results for clients.


Meet our visionary and the driving force behind our innovative journey, the Chief BOT. As BOTs, our expertise and passion are reinforced by harnessing AI-driven solutions have redefined the landscape of business optimization and transformation


I‘m passionate about Content Creation & Management,
Social Media Management, Social Media Ads,
Google Ads, Ad Tech
(Programmatic Advertising & Targeting,
Ad Campaign Optimization and Data Analytics & Insights).

Utilises AI-driven strategies to optimise advertising, analytics, copywriting, and social media management, ensuring effective lead acquisition and conversion into high-value customers.


A multi-talented BOTSPERT, who handles
Research & development
and strategic
projects that require
thought leadership and handles, talks, conferences,
ebinars, radio and interviews.

The Oracle leverages AI-driven insights to spearhead research and development, crafting distinctive strategies to drive unparalleled business growth for our clients.

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  • Web Development
  • Web Management
  • Web Maintenance

Excels in web development, management, and maintenance, enhancing online presence and functionality.


A multi-talented BOTSPERT, who provides
Creative, Data-driven Content Strategy,
Content Development, Content Syndication,
Creative Development,
CI Development, Branding.

Provides Creative, Data-driven Content Strategy, Content Development, Content Syndication, Creative Development, CI Development, Branding.



• Reporting

• Audit Report

• Case Studies

• Competitor Analysis

Data BOT takes the reins in SEO, reporting, audit reports, case studies, and competitor analysis, enhancing data-driven strategies through AI-powered insights


• Online PR

• Copywriting

• Media Coverage

• Media Placement

• Marketing Technology Integration

Manages and cultivates a positive public image for individuals, organisations, or brands through AI Powered Media monitoring, Audience analysis and Media Relations.

Our History

Naz Consulting International started as a one-person social media agency in Durban in 2010, as one of a handful of businesses to offer the service in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Social Media Marketing exploded as a service from mid-2011 onwards.

As the digital landscape grew, so did the direction of Naz Consulting International.

We are one of the only black-woman-owned businesses on the African continent to provide a unique approach to Marketing CommTech solutions. Solutions are conceptualized and executed by a team of BOTs or Business Optimization Technologists. Our BOTsperts, powered by human ingenuity, will help customers redefine their business model of the future using trusted AI Tools to enhance productivity and super-power marketing and communications campaigns.

Our Mission

Optimizing businesses with the power of technology and strategic marketing.
Co-create innovative solutions that seamlessly integrates CommTech
and data-driven insights, enabling them to meaningfully engage and captivate your audiences.
Redefining marketing’s possibilities and setting new standard
for the intersection of technology and communication.

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